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We provide on-site Locksmith services 24 hours a day throughout Hong Kong.

Why choose OnSumLock Locksmith HK


"If you...":
1. "I hope to find an honest locksmith HongKong company."
2. I need a locksmith who can truly help me with my lock problem."
3. "I hope to find the most direct and effective solution to solve the problem."
4. "I expect effective communication to understand your real needs."
5. "I would like to have a general understanding of the lock opening process beforehand."
6. "I want a clear quotation and do not want any hidden charges."
7.  "I hope that after the problem is solved, everything can be restored to its original state as much as possible, and ideally it should be as if nothing happened."

"No matter it is a lock without a key, a broken lock, an electronic lock, a gate or a door, please trust OnSumLock to handle it with confidence!"

We specialize in locksmith services.
We provide attentive service to each and every customer.

OnSum Locksmith HK: Serving the Hong Kong community for many years, we are committed to delivering top-quality locksmith services. Our expertise covers a wide range of lock-related needs, including lock opening, lock changing, lock repair, smart lock services, car lock opening, and lock picking. We engage closely with our customers, actively listening to their requirements and approaching each case from their perspective. Our reputation precedes us, and our previous clients appreciate our serious and meticulous approach. Just as our company name suggests, we prioritize your peace of mind when it comes to locks and security. Whether you’re in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, or the New Territories, our team is ready to assist you 24/7. Feel confident in choosing OnSum Locksmith for all your lock-related needs.

Your problem is our problem.
I handle each case with professionalism.

Locksmith service.

24-hour locksmith services
Smartc lock Locksmith service
Change locks/lock cylinders
Car Locksmith service
Open safe box

Locksmith service process

Contacting us for locksmith services in Hong Kong is straightforward. Simply click on the lock button to get in touch with us. We will communicate with you systematically and swiftly complete your order, arranging for a reliable locksmith to promptly come to your door for unlocking.


Contacting OnSumLock

When you need HK Locksmith services, simply contact us by Locksmith calling or Whatsapp at 5222 7111. After understanding your situation, Locksmith will provide a quote and explain the service content. If the customer agrees, we can provide more detailed information for service arrangements.


Confirm Locksmith Service

After confirming the Locksmith service, customers can rest at a nearby location and wait for the locksmith to arrive. It is important not to try to break the lock by yourself while waiting. The locksmith will register at the security office upon arrival and then start the Locksmith service together with you.


Completion of Unlocking and Payment

After the lock is successfully opened, the customer can check if the lock can be used normally. In general, there should be no problem with the lock after it is opened. We accept payment in cash, Payme, or FPS (Fast Payment System HK). Payment is required only after the lock is opened and there is no need to pay in advance.

Guarantee for Locksmith Service


Years of experience in HK Locksmith services have taught us to understand the needs of each customer, and we firmly believe that a service is only successful if the customer is satisfied!

Therefore, we offer every lock opening customer three reassuring guarantees.👌🏻:

1. We guarantee that no damage will be done during the unlocking process, and we won't charge any fee if the unlocking attempt fails.
2. We will never raise the price or have any hidden fees after arriving on site, and will only charge based on the agreed-upon fee.
3. Handle lock-related issues with the utmost professionalism and adhere to the highest service standards.

If you have any lock-related issues and need help, please feel free to contact HK Locksmith hotline at 5222 7111 at any time.
Additionally, no matter the size of the lock-related problem, we welcome you to contact Locksmith via WhatsApp for inquiries. It's possible that a single phone call can solve the issue, and of course, there will be no charge for the consultation.👌🏻

Need to find a locksmith for help? The locksmith downstairs is closed? Need to find 24-hour locksmith service in the middle of the night?


No matter which district of Hong Kong,
Lost your keys? Broken door lock? Jammed gate? Dead batteries in your Smart lock? Locked out of your car? Office door won't open? Safe malfunctioning? ... No need to worry.👌

Firstly, our Locksmith service is a "no success, no fee" policy, and in fact, it is very rare for us to fail to unlock a lock. So please rest assured and feel free to contact Locksmith at 5222 7111. You will be able to further experience our friendly attitude through the conversation.😊

If a customer has simply forgotten their keys, we guarantee that we can open the lock without damaging it. If we are unable to open it, our locksmith can leave without charging a single penny. Alternatively, the customer can consider having the locksmith break the lock to gain access and replace it. The cost of replacing the lock will be included in the service and will not require any additional charges.

If a customer's main door or gate has a faulty lock, we guarantee that the lock can be opened without damaging the door or gate. After opening the lock, we can simply replace it with the same type of lock, and the door and lock will be restored to their original state when our locksmith arrived on the scene.

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